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Corinth: Ancient and Modern at the same time

Corinth is one of the few cities in Greece that has such a rich history and it all comes down to its position. It located between the mainland Greece and the Peloponnese and also between two Gulfs, the Saronic and the Corinthian. This position... read more

A romantic getaway in Nafplio

If you have any special occasions coming up but you don't want to spend the day in Athens then Nafplio is the city for you. It is a very popular destination that Greeks choose for their weekend getaways, it is only a 2 hour drive from Athens, it... read more

Nafpaktos is for princes and princesses

Here in Greece there are so many islands that sometimes you don't even want to hear about another one and it's very understandable. That's why there are also so many beautiful cities which are able to offer you the feeling of relaxation you need... read more

How to spend the perfect fall evening in Athens

Fall is the perfect time to visit Athens; it feels like this weather is made for the city! Warm and sunny during the day and when the night comes suddenly the air gets crispier and you have to get wear a jacket while you are eating your ice-cream. ... read more

Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

The next time you'll visit Athens and you have an extra day you can we advise you to rent a car and go visit Sounio.

Cape Sounio is the southernmost tip of Attica and its less than to hours out of Athens.  Sounio is almost among the... read more

Athens August Full Moon Experience!

by Paul

Full moons have always attracted the attention of people around the world.  Once such attraction is the full moon in August with the Acropolios in the background. Two words can capture the feeling - Breath Taking! The Greeks are very passionate... read more

A Natural Lake with Healing Powers!

by Paul

Are you looking for a break from downtown Athens and visiting ruins and museums? A place I love, which is generally not on most travelers’ radar, is Lake Vouliagmeni. Talk about amazing! This place is not only visually breathtaking but it also... read more

Eating Your Way Through an Appetizing City

Once upon a time, Athens was the kind of city where you could find excellent tavernas and a few good bars that could keep you drinking all night and returning again the following day. But for tantalizing, refined flavors, fun street food,... read more

Athens’ Immersive Multi-Level Culture

With a long-held identity as an ancient city of fascinating stories and momentous events, Athens has now earned the status of a culturally hot destination in the contemporary sense too. Crisis or no crisis, the complex and sophisticated identity of... read more

Bourtzi: A picturesque landmark of Nafplio

If you have already been in Athens for a few days and you want to make a daily trip, Nafplio is an excellent choice. I have visited Nafplio many times since it is a destination for all seasons. It is considered as one of the most romantic towns of... read more

Gefsokratoras restaurant: Taste the difference

Pelion is a year-round destination with a breath taking natural beauty. A trip to Pelion can only be mythical and adventurous. According to mythology, the richly dense and aphrodisiac forest of Pelion was the homeland of Centaurs. The villages in... read more

The legend of Zonar’s Cafe

Greek cafés, like coffee shops all over Europe, have always been a social institution. They were connected with the life of the New Greek and were the center of social and cultural life in Athens. Their clientele included many celebrities of the... read more

Brettos: Where everything is colorful

by Ery

So you are in Athens, wandering around the little paved pedestrian streets of Plaka and you really just want to do something different rather than go to yet another tourist tavern. Well, don’t you worry because I have the perfect place for you to... read more

Day trip to Parnitha

Athens has always been a privileged area. One can say that it is due to time, due to access to the sea, due to climate, due to its proximity to several mountains. Even today, with the erection and expansion of the city, one can walk in short... read more

Thessaloniki – Love at first sight.

For some it’s the most beautiful city in Europe and they are definitely not extreme. You just have to visit this place and you will immediately fall in love. It’s like the air you inhale is different there and you notice it as soon as you step... read more

From Bougatsa to Bougatsan

At almost any time of the day you will pass a queue of locals waiting to get their hands on the city’s favorite pastry at one of Thessaloniki’s stalls. The flaky pie with a filling of custard cream and topped with a shake of caster sugar and... read more

The Culinary Capital of Greece!

Today Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, but historically, Thessaloniki once belonged to the Macedonians (under Alexander the Great), the Romans, and the Byzantines; was conquered by the Turks in 1430 and remained under Ottoman... read more

I Love the Nightlife

by Paul

Thessaloniki’s nightlife is one of a kind! A fusion of modern European clubs and centuries-old Mediterranean traditions, this city has its own special energy, making it one of the top ten party cities in the world! The best place to start... read more

Kaimaktsalan: The creamy mountain

December is the white month, the one that hopefully is full of snow and warming drinks. And there is no better thing to do this time of the year than spend as much time as possible outside in the cold, snowy landscape. So let me tell you about a... read more

Vergina - Fit for a King

Thessaloniki, the modern capital of Macedonia is steeped in history and littered with impressive archaeological monuments, both within the city itself and in its immediate surroundings. The ancient Macedonian capital during the region’s heyday known... read more

A 2-day trip to Delphi & Meteora

The more you visit Greece the more you begin to realize how many possible 2-day or 3-day trips there are for you make. And as soon as you know that, you will think that there are so many beautiful places you need to visit but there is no time. That... read more

Live the nightlife like Cretans do!

Crete is magical, I am telling you! There are plenty of entertainment options for all tastes and all ages, from frantic foam parties to the more traditional nights. During the summer in Crete, you can meet the locals and you immediately all become a... read more

The Gorge of Samaria

Crete is a nature lovers playground, a history buffs dream come true and a culture vultures paradise. The island is teeming with fabulous things to do whether you want to spend your days drifting around archaeological sites or getting wet and wild... read more

Mizithra – you gotta try it!

Crete is for lovers....history lovers, culture lovers, beach lovers, but most importantly food lovers. Greece in general has a banquet of culinary treasure to discover, but Crete holds a special place in my stomach; for there I first experienced the... read more

The unique Samaria Gorge

Crete is the place in Greece that I love the most. If I had the chance I would probably move and live there at once! But for now I just try to visit as often as I can! And I want to share as many information about this amazing place and all the... read more

Andros: A unique island of Cyclades

Andros: A unique island of Cyclades  

Andros stands out for the abundant waters, the tall trees, and its many beautiful beaches. This island is a ship that travels over the centuries; loaded with lemons and roses. read more

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There are no results for this Destination!

There are no results for this Destination!

Experience the "water of life" in Loutraki

In Peloponnese, which is just an hour from Athens, by car or suburban, Loutraki awaits you. In the oldest spa town of Greece - now connected to the famous Casino - you bet on the power of thermal water and get out. I am talking about a modern... read more

Spetses is a place blessed with beauty

Who said that you can't spend a weekend by the sea during November? Well, if you thought that as well, Spetses will prove you wrong. This place is so close to Athens that it has become inevitably a very popular destination for most Athenians. This... read more

Hydra - A journey not like the others

Oh Hydra! It is such a scenic island in Greece. It is traditional and historical and at the same time so calm and romantic. It is located one and a half hours away from Athens. You can visit the island by boat but keep in mind that cars are not... read more

The remarkable Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Sightseeing in Greece is an activity that never ends. There are so many monuments and historical places one can visit that there is literally no time. The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is one of the most known ancient theatres in Greece and it would... read more

Kayaking at the foot of Taygetos

by Ery

There is nowhere else in Greece that the authentic Mediterranean landscape is as clear as in Messinia. It is perhaps the most beautiful region of Peloponnese. If you hadn’t yet explored Messinia then what are you still waiting for? The best way you... read more

Ancient Messini takes you back centuries ago

How would you feel about crossing ancient pavements, passing through gates that could have been built by giants, discovering ancient stadiums hiding behind bushes, while listening to the wind whispering stories that go centuries back? Well, all... read more

Winter walk in Trikala, Corinthia

Trikala Korinthias has always been one of the most popular destinations for a two-day escape from Athens. And for a good reason, as it is so close to Athens and it is a place you can visit no matter the weather! You can enjoy your stay there any... read more

Mountainous Arcadia invites you for a hike!

At the foot of Menalon just 200 km away from Athens, modern Gortynia emits a strong signal and wins us forever. The mountainous area of ​​Menalon in the prefecture of Arcadia stretching from the east of Tripoli to the gorge of Lousios to the west... read more

Travelling back in time in Ancient Olympia

Are you curious to see the place where the Olympics were first born? Then it’s time to pay a visit in Ancient Olympia. And I am telling you, that for sure one time is never enough, you’ll want to go back there again and again, and for good reason.... read more

Opposites do attract in Pelion

by Ery

Often people have a hard time to choose the ideal holiday destination for both summer and winter season. Some others tend to visit the same places over and over again.  Frankly speaking, I was one of them and I know how hard it can be. That’s why,... read more

Tsipouradika: The little jems of Volos

A small city with an industrial past and a great harbor, home to Moutzouris, with one foot in Pagasitikos and with the other in mainland Greece, looks with one eye in the past and with the other in the future. In just a few words this is Volos. ... read more

Lake Plastiras is a mixture of things

Lake Plastira is an artificial lake which is located near the city of Karditsa. Only the dam, the impressive pyrotechnical structure that "embraces" the water, reminds the visitor of the "nature" of the lake. Massive mountains, rich fir forests,... read more

Arachova "The Snow Queen"

Being in Greece this time of the year, with the weather getting colder and the mountains getting covered with snow is truly magical. Not so many people think of Greece when imagining their Christmas vacation but if you are already in beautiful and... read more

Moments of Magic in Trikala

During the Christmas holidays many families find the perfect opportunity to spend time together and do festive activities. It is a time the most people have a few days off before they get back to their routine and all they want is to enjoy these... read more

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Metsovo; the glorious mountain of Epirus

Metsovo; the glorious mountain of Epirus In Epirus, a vibrant city with countless historical sights, surrounded by lush mountains, has been a reference point for winter tourism as long as any Greek can remember. It’s time to learn more about this... read more

A bohemian summer night in Scorpios, Mykonos

by Ery

Cycladic Islands in Greece are some of the most popular destinations for visitors. Mykonos is perhaps the star of them all and for a very good reason. This Greek island can please any mood and taste. With its cosmopolitan style taking over the whole... read more

Top 6 Beaches on Mykonos

Recently I Ran around Mykonos island, on a fact finding mission. Armed with a crumpled map, bottle of water, and my iguana encrusted Vilebrequin swimming trunks I embarked on an adventure to explore 6 beaches. Here is what I discovered:    Super... read more

Mykonos Style

by Liam

Since the 60's, when hippies, rock stars and royalty all collided, Mykonos has been a byword for effortless chic. Think off-duty supermodel, and embrace your inner bohemian. Think Kate Moss in a kaftan. Your ultimate style icons are Marianne... read more

Mykonos Slice of Heaven

I know that most everyone visits Mykonos for its cosmopolitan beaches, but I urge you to dedicate one day and visit, what I believe is, a slice of heaven – Agios Sostis beach and Kiki’s Taverna. Agios Sostis, 20 minutes from Mykonos... read more

Caprice of Mykonos is BACK!!

The Caprice of Mykonos is back and the drinks are as yummy as ever!!! This is a Mykonos classic - views, sunsets, music, cocktails, and now food too - you've got to check it... read more

Mykonos: Life’s a Gay Festivity!

Mykonos’ reputation as a gay destination precedes it, with thousands upon thousands of LGBT, especially homosexual, visitors swarming there every year. The Cycladic Island was tapped by the glamour wand in the 1970s by iconic celebrities such as... read more

Kopanisti Cheese – with love from Mykonos

by Liam

Kopanisti cheese is Mykonos's great culinary gift. With its creamy, spreadable texture and sharp, spicy taste, think of it as a Feta with a punk attitude, or a Roquefort with a different accent. It's the rock-star of Greek cheeses!
Unchanged... read more

Running Across Santorini Island

Running Across Santorini Island. There’s something remarkably magical about exploring Santorini propelled only by one’s legs and spirit! It has been a long time goal of mine to run the entire length of the island. - An incessant itch that just... read more


A vibrant, crisp, bone dry wine with citrus tones, intense minerality, hints of honey, Assyrtiko is like a full bodied red grape masquerading as a white.  These are just some of the flavors relating to the Assyrtiko grape that is indigenous to... read more

Weddings in Santorini

What better than celebrating the most transformative moments of your life in one of the most astounding places on the planet?  With such an endless array of spectacular locations, a wedding on Santorini can be nothing short of unforgettable. Wedding... read more

Surrender into the caldera

When most people think of the words “island paradise” it’s typically Hawaii or the South Pacific that spring to mind, but the Cyclades definitely deserve this accolade too. Considered the “jewel in the crown” of the... read more

Horsing Around in Santorini!

“Good luck Alex! I hope you enjoy your ride!” I shook the old man’s rough hand vigorously, knowing full well this may not have been the wisest of decisions. For a brief moment, I lamented that fact, as I stood in front of the riding stables of Mr... read more

Get Adventurous on Santorini

Feeling revitalized by the awe-inspiring sunsets, excellent food and the energizing sea, but wanting to try something more active? Worry not, Santorini has plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities to enhance your experience. These can be explored... read more

Santorini Tastes Good Too!

As its fame has grown to legendary heights, so has Santorini’s fine dining scene, with top chefs introducing gourmet creations that pair perfectly with the island’s delectable wines (or beer like Red or Yellow Donkey that’s brewed on the island) and... read more

Akrotiri, Greece’s Pompeii in Santorini

In circa1627 BC there was a titanic volcanic eruption in the heart of the Aegean Sea on the Island of Santorini. The severity was such that it may have caused the demise of the Minoan civilization. Ash from the eruption has been recorded as far... read more

Spa & Spirit Zen in Santorini

You’ve just enjoyed a frosty glass of prosecco while relaxing in an infinity pool looking out onto a sunset of violet, saffron, neon pink and icy blue blazing over the darkening sea. Then you are guided to a massage bed where a therapist expertly... read more

Vinsanto: Α liquid diamond

Sanotirini is the island with the most magnificent colors! It is the Royal deep blue Sapphire of the Aegean Sea that relaxes your soul, the houses with their rounded white walls and their azure domes that will enchant you, the golden shades of the... read more

Cycle your way around amazing Kos

One of the things that may strike you when you first visit Kos is the number of cyclists leisurly peddling their way around in towns and villages and off to beaches.  With a growing network of cycling lanes and plenty of places to rent bikes this... read more

Romantic Adventure – Paleo Pyli

Visiting Paleo Pyli in Kos is a romantic adventure! A bumpy road, a hike and a bit of a climb, but oh so worth it! What you get once you’re there…The ruins of an old Byzantine fortress and village coupled with spectacular, panoramic views over salt... read more

Butterflies are Free

If you happen to be in Rhodes during the summer months I strongly encourage you to visit the Valley of Butterflies (Petaloùdes, Πεταλούδες),  a natural park located 23km from the capital Rhodes.  Every summer, tiger moths, known as Panaxia... read more

Time Travel in the Old Town – Rhodes

The old town of Rhodes with its impressive ramparts, battlements, bastions, skillfully crafted buildings and grand atmospheric halls, makes for a wonderful setting for a multitude of events and festivals, something that is not lost on the proud... read more

A Cool Family Break at the Marine Aquarium

After spending a morning on the main beach of Rhodes town escape the midday baking sun by taking a cool tour nearby to the Marine Aquarium and its museum. At the northern tip of the beach you can’t miss the cylindrical ArtDeco building designed by... read more

Corfu – The Grand Lady of the Ionian

Corfu is no doubt one of the most magical and cosmopolitan islands in Greece. It has so much history behind it and such a strong connection with Europe, no wonder it is one of the first Greek islands open to tourism. When in Corfu, or as it is also... read more

Old Town Corfu

Old Town Corfu has something for everyone! Head down to Kavos, with its throbbing beats, British pubs, free shots and endless exhortations to party like there's no tomorrow and you can come away feeling slightly grubby. Alternatively, make your way... read more

Corfu’s More Than

Corfu’s more than just gorgeous white sandy beaches, in fact, it’s an island filled with history, sites to see, villages to explore and places to eat. There’s so much to see and do on this Greek island paradise that I thought I... read more

5 Reasons to Visit Corfu in the Fall

Most people assume that the best time to visit the Greek islands is during the summer months, and they’re not wrong…However, I’m here to tell you that visiting during autumn is not too shabby either, especially if you’re... read more

Corfu with Kids

by Liam

With its wide sandy beaches, and safe warm sea, Corfu is an ideal destination for family holiday. Grab yourself a bucket and spade and the most garish inflatable you can find. Head down to the water's edge and polish your construction skills. If you... read more

Corfu Adventures

by Liam

  I couldn't think of anywhere else I wanted to be. Stretching out in front of me were steep cliffs plunging into calm waters. Below I could spot a thin strip of golden sand. I was at the southernmost tip of the island, Arkoudilas, apparently from... read more

Achilleion Palace, For Your Eyes Only

"For Your Eyes Only". 1981. James Bond plays Chemin De Fer in a Corfu casino. As ever, he wins. He leaves the gaming tables, and eats dinner in the opulent restaurant; Bond ordering Ouzo, his arch nemesis, Kristatos, whisky, no ice. Later in the... read more

Cape Drastis – A piece of Heaven on Earth

by Ery

We all know that Corfu is great! One quick Google search and one discovers the island’s beauty! There are more than enough people, myself included that can easily admit that it was love at first sight! You don’t have to spend more than a couple of... read more

Zante and the Blue Keri Caves

Zante or Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. It is also one of the most popular Greek islands and for a lot of good reasons! Some of the most crystal clear waters with a rich underwater sea life are found in this... read more

Smuggler's Cove

Zakynthos is a haven of diverse beaches ranging from organized beaches to tranquil coves, some of which are protected by the Marine National Park of Zakynthos as they are nesting grounds for the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles such as Laganas and... read more

Shipwreck Bay

So, we're off to Navagio, which you probably know from a hundred postcards. What are we going to need today? Towel? Check. Sunscreen? Of course, there is little shade where we are going - maybe pack an umbrella too for the fairer-skinned among us.... read more

Zantes Old Style Culinary Fusion

With its stunning white beaches, quaint villages and majestic mountains, all circled by the azure Ionian sea, Zakynthos truly feeds the soul, and the local cuisine is guaranteed to nourish your appetite too. Long colonized by the Neapolitan,... read more

Zakynthos National Marine Park

If all you know of turtles is Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael leaping around on TV, think again. Zakynthos National Marine Park, a protected area covering six separate beaches in the bay of Laganas, is home to the most important... read more

Getting Active on Zante

For many people, a Greek island holiday is all about flopping down on the beach for a couple of weeks, leaving all their cares behind them, with a blast around the bay on a banana boat all the excitement they need. For those seeking a little more... read more

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There are no results for this Destination!