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I love Greece. This is the best country to live in and by far the best country for holidays!!!


Athens August Full Moon Experience!

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Full moons have always attracted the attention of people around the world.  Once such attraction is the full moon in August with the Acropolios in the background. Two words can capture the feeling - Breath Taking! The Greeks are very passionate about their full moons, and the one in August has that extra special touch that is celebrated  throughout Greece. The full moon in August is remarkable in many ways. People seem to become more spontaneous, open up and let their spirits and feelings run free.  In many cases, romance is born!  Many archaeological sites will remain open during the night allowing visitors the chance to become one with these ancient ruins that will be bathed in moonlight. A feeling that runs goose bumps up and down ones spine! Some archelogical sites will even organize outdoor music concerts  – a rare opportunity indeed, enhancing the experience enormously. The full moon festival in August is the only day of the year when visitors can enjoy free admission at participating archaeological sites and museums after sunset, a tradition which began in 1996.



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