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The history of Kallimarmaro; the beautiful marble

@ Athens

The Panathenaic Stadium is a classic cultural monument of Greece and a popular touristic attraction. In fact it is one of the most significant monuments not only for Athens, but for the whole Greece. This œbeautiful marble or as it is known,... read more

Corinth: Ancient and Modern at the same time

@ Athens

Corinth is one of the few cities in Greece that has such a rich history and it all comes down to its position. It located between the mainland Greece and the Peloponnese and also between two Gulfs, the Saronic and the Corinthian. This position... read more

Gefsokratoras restaurant: Taste the difference

@ Athens

Pelion is a year-round destination with a breath taking natural beauty. A trip to Pelion can only be mythical and adventurous. According to mythology, the richly dense and aphrodisiac forest of Pelion was the homeland of Centaurs. The villages in... read more

A 2-day trip to Delphi & Meteora

@ Historical Sites

The more you visit Greece the more you begin to realize how many possible 2-day or 3-day trips there are for you make. And as soon as you know that, you will think that there are so many beautiful places you need to visit but there is no time. That... read more

The remarkable Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

@ Peloponnese

Sightseeing in Greece is an activity that never ends. There are so many monuments and historical places one can visit that there is literally no time. The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is one of the most known ancient theatres in Greece and it would... read more

Ancient Messini takes you back centuries ago

@ Peloponnese

How would you feel about crossing ancient pavements, passing through gates that could have been built by giants, discovering ancient stadiums hiding behind bushes, while listening to the wind whispering stories that go centuries back? Well, all... read more

Lake Plastiras is a mixture of things

@ Central Greece

Lake Plastira is an artificial lake which is located near the city of Karditsa. Only the dam, the impressive pyrotechnical structure that "embraces" the water, reminds the visitor of the "nature" of the lake. Massive mountains, rich fir forests,... read more

Metsovo; the glorious mountain of Epirus

@ Epirus

Metsovo; the glorious mountain of Epirus In Epirus, a vibrant city with countless historical sights, surrounded by lush mountains, has been a reference point for winter tourism as long as any Greek can remember. It’s time to learn more about this... read more

Vinsanto: Α liquid diamond

@ Santorini

Sanotirini is the island with the most magnificent colors! It is the Royal deep blue Sapphire of the Aegean Sea that relaxes your soul, the houses with their rounded white walls and their azure domes that will enchant you, the golden shades of the... read more