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Bourtzi: A picturesque landmark of Nafplio

@ Athens

If you have already been in Athens for a few days and you want to make a daily trip, Nafplio is an excellent choice. I have visited Nafplio many times since it is a destination for all seasons. It is considered as one of the most romantic towns of... read more

Day trip to Parnitha

@ Athens

Athens has always been a privileged area. One can say that it is due to time, due to access to the sea, due to climate, due to its proximity to several mountains. Even today, with the erection and expansion of the city, one can walk in short... read more

Thessaloniki – Love at first sight.

@ Thessaloniki

For some it’s the most beautiful city in Europe and they are definitely not extreme. You just have to visit this place and you will immediately fall in love. It’s like the air you inhale is different there and you notice it as soon as you step... read more

Kaimaktsalan: The creamy mountain

@ Thessaloniki

December is the white month, the one that hopefully is full of snow and warming drinks. And there is no better thing to do this time of the year than spend as much time as possible outside in the cold, snowy landscape. So let me tell you about a... read more

Elafonisi – Just an endless summer playground

@ Crete

Crete is one of the most popular Greek islands, but did you know that on the southwestern corner of this beautiful island you can find another one? Well, maybe it is more of a long, thin piece of land that usually has its top separated from the... read more

Andros: A unique island of Cyclades

@ Cycladic Islands

Andros: A unique island of Cyclades  

Andros stands out for the abundant waters, the tall trees, and its many beautiful beaches. This island is a ship that travels over the centuries; loaded with lemons and roses. read more

The Carnival of Patra: An amazing endless party

@ Peloponnese

Patra is a magnificent city which is well known for its Carnival in Greece but it is also very well renowned in Europe. It is the biggest and jolliest event organized in Greece compared to various other regions. It begins each year on January the... read more

Winter walk in Trikala, Corinthia

@ Peloponnese

Trikala Korinthias has always been one of the most popular destinations for a two-day escape from Athens. And for a good reason, as it is so close to Athens and it is a place you can visit no matter the weather! You can enjoy your stay there any... read more

Rhodes Island; a medieval gem hidden in the Aegean Sea

@ Rhodes

When I first visited Rhodes I didn't quite know what to expect. The truth is that it's a very big island almost like a floating city. I mean it is the largest and most popular island of Dodecanese; the famous island complex of Greece. Most of you... read more