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Having lived in Greece for the past 16 years I've developed a love affair with this wonderful country and love that I can share my experiences and insights of this magical place with others!


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Horsing Around in Santorini!

@ Santorini

“Good luck Alex! I hope you enjoy your ride!” I shook the old man’s rough hand vigorously, knowing full well this may not have been the wisest of decisions. For a brief moment, I lamented that fact, as I stood in front of the riding stables of Mr... read more

Surrender into the caldera

@ Santorini

When most people think of the words “island paradise” it’s typically Hawaii or the South Pacific that spring to mind, but the Cyclades definitely deserve this accolade too. Considered the “jewel in the crown” of the... read more

Corfu’s More Than

@ Corfu

Corfu’s more than just gorgeous white sandy beaches, in fact, it’s an island filled with history, sites to see, villages to explore and places to eat. There’s so much to see and do on this Greek island paradise that I thought I... read more