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Travelling throughout much of Greece I have never ceased to be amazed by the raw beauty, abundant nature and enlightened past.


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Vergina - Fit for a King

@ Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, the modern capital of Macedonia is steeped in history and littered with impressive archaeological monuments, both within the city itself and in its immediate surroundings. The ancient Macedonian capital during the region’s heyday known... read more

From Bougatsa to Bougatsan

@ Thessaloniki

At almost any time of the day you will pass a queue of locals waiting to get their hands on the city’s favorite pastry at one of Thessaloniki’s stalls. The flaky pie with a filling of custard cream and topped with a shake of caster sugar and... read more

Mykonos: Life’s a Gay Festivity!

@ Mykonos

Mykonos’ reputation as a gay destination precedes it, with thousands upon thousands of LGBT, especially homosexual, visitors swarming there every year. The Cycladic Island was tapped by the glamour wand in the 1970s by iconic celebrities such as... read more

Get Adventurous on Santorini

@ Santorini

Feeling revitalized by the awe-inspiring sunsets, excellent food and the energizing sea, but wanting to try something more active? Worry not, Santorini has plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities to enhance your experience. These can be explored... read more

Santorini Tastes Good Too!

@ Santorini

As its fame has grown to legendary heights, so has Santorini’s fine dining scene, with top chefs introducing gourmet creations that pair perfectly with the island’s delectable wines (or beer like Red or Yellow Donkey that’s brewed on the island) and... read more

Akrotiri, Greece’s Pompeii in Santorini

@ Santorini

In circa1627 BC there was a titanic volcanic eruption in the heart of the Aegean Sea on the Island of Santorini. The severity was such that it may have caused the demise of the Minoan civilization. Ash from the eruption has been recorded as far... read more

Spa & Spirit Zen in Santorini

@ Santorini

You’ve just enjoyed a frosty glass of prosecco while relaxing in an infinity pool looking out onto a sunset of violet, saffron, neon pink and icy blue blazing over the darkening sea. Then you are guided to a massage bed where a therapist expertly... read more

Time Travel in the Old Town – Rhodes

@ Rhodes

The old town of Rhodes with its impressive ramparts, battlements, bastions, skillfully crafted buildings and grand atmospheric halls, makes for a wonderful setting for a multitude of events and festivals, something that is not lost on the proud... read more

A Cool Family Break at the Marine Aquarium

@ Rhodes

After spending a morning on the main beach of Rhodes town escape the midday baking sun by taking a cool tour nearby to the Marine Aquarium and its museum. At the northern tip of the beach you can’t miss the cylindrical ArtDeco building designed by... read more

Old Town Corfu

@ Corfu

Old Town Corfu has something for everyone! Head down to Kavos, with its throbbing beats, British pubs, free shots and endless exhortations to party like there's no tomorrow and you can come away feeling slightly grubby. Alternatively, make your way... read more

Achilleion Palace, For Your Eyes Only

@ Corfu

"For Your Eyes Only". 1981. James Bond plays Chemin De Fer in a Corfu casino. As ever, he wins. He leaves the gaming tables, and eats dinner in the opulent restaurant; Bond ordering Ouzo, his arch nemesis, Kristatos, whisky, no ice. Later in the... read more

Shipwreck Bay

@ Zakynthos

So, we're off to Navagio, which you probably know from a hundred postcards. What are we going to need today? Towel? Check. Sunscreen? Of course, there is little shade where we are going - maybe pack an umbrella too for the fairer-skinned among us.... read more

Zantes Old Style Culinary Fusion

@ Zakynthos

With its stunning white beaches, quaint villages and majestic mountains, all circled by the azure Ionian sea, Zakynthos truly feeds the soul, and the local cuisine is guaranteed to nourish your appetite too. Long colonized by the Neapolitan,... read more

Zakynthos National Marine Park

@ Zakynthos

If all you know of turtles is Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael leaping around on TV, think again. Zakynthos National Marine Park, a protected area covering six separate beaches in the bay of Laganas, is home to the most important... read more

Getting Active on Zante

@ Zakynthos

For many people, a Greek island holiday is all about flopping down on the beach for a couple of weeks, leaving all their cares behind them, with a blast around the bay on a banana boat all the excitement they need. For those seeking a little more... read more