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How to spend the perfect fall evening in Athens

@ Athens

Fall is the perfect time to visit Athens; it feels like this weather is made for the city! Warm and sunny during the day and when the night comes suddenly the air gets crispier and you have to get wear a jacket while you are eating your ice-cream. ... read more

Nafpaktos is for princes and princesses

@ Athens

Here in Greece there are so many islands that sometimes you don't even want to hear about another one and it's very understandable. That's why there are also so many beautiful cities which are able to offer you the feeling of relaxation you need... read more

A romantic getaway in Nafplio

@ Athens

If you have any special occasions coming up but you don't want to spend the day in Athens then Nafplio is the city for you. It is a very popular destination that Greeks choose for their weekend getaways, it is only a 2 hour drive from Athens, it... read more

Winter sailing in Greece is truly a unique experience!

@ Athens

On the sweet days of winter, escape your everyday life and get away in the nearby islands of Argosaronikos! Sail your sailing boat while enjoying the calm during the Alkionidon period. Let your mind travel and surrender to the tranquil beauty of... read more

The Rio-Antirio Bridge: connection to the future

@ Peloponnese

Patra is a city brimming with life and energy. It is the largest urban conglomeration in Peloponnese. Also, Patra is Greece's third largest city and the capital of the Prefecture of Achaia. This city got its name from mythical Patreus who ruled... read more

Experience the "water of life" in Loutraki

@ Peloponnese

In Peloponnese, which is just an hour from Athens, by car or suburban, Loutraki awaits you. In the oldest spa town of Greece - now connected to the famous Casino - you bet on the power of thermal water and get out. I am talking about a modern... read more

Mountainous Arcadia invites you for a hike!

@ Peloponnese

At the foot of Menalon just 200 km away from Athens, modern Gortynia emits a strong signal and wins us forever. The mountainous area of ​​Menalon in the prefecture of Arcadia stretching from the east of Tripoli to the gorge of Lousios to the west... read more

Trikala is a city full of passion for life and adventure

@ Central Greece

Trikala, is the home of the emblematic doctor of ancient times, Asklipios. And it expects all of you to discover the great number of its cultural treasures. So what are you still waiting for? When you get there it is possible to find yourself in a... read more

Corfu – The Grand Lady of the Ionian

@ Corfu

Corfu is no doubt one of the most magical and cosmopolitan islands in Greece. It has so much history behind it and such a strong connection with Europe, no wonder it is one of the first Greek islands open to tourism. When in Corfu, or as it is also... read more

Zante and the Blue Keri Caves

@ Zakynthos

Zante or Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea. It is also one of the most popular Greek islands and for a lot of good reasons! Some of the most crystal clear waters with a rich underwater sea life are found in this... read more