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Loukoumades – Discover the delight in simplicity

@ Athens

Loukoumades is a sweet dessert that can be found in many countries all over the world under different names with a variety of recipes and shapes. Here in Greece, however, loukoumades has deep roots in the Greek tradition and a very special meaning... read more

The unique Samaria Gorge

@ Crete

Crete is the place in Greece that I love the most. If I had the chance I would probably move and live there at once! But for now I just try to visit as often as I can! And I want to share as many information about this amazing place and all the... read more

Live the nightlife like Cretans do!

@ Crete

Crete is magical, I am telling you! There are plenty of entertainment options for all tastes and all ages, from frantic foam parties to the more traditional nights. During the summer in Crete, you can meet the locals and you immediately all become a... read more

Hydra - A journey not like the others

@ Peloponnese

Oh Hydra! It is such a scenic island in Greece. It is traditional and historical and at the same time so calm and romantic. It is located one and a half hours away from Athens. You can visit the island by boat but keep in mind that cars are not... read more

Spetses is a place blessed with beauty

@ Peloponnese

Who said that you can't spend a weekend by the sea during November? Well, if you thought that as well, Spetses will prove you wrong. This place is so close to Athens that it has become inevitably a very popular destination for most Athenians. This... read more

Travelling back in time in Ancient Olympia

@ Peloponnese

Are you curious to see the place where the Olympics were first born? Then it’s time to pay a visit in Ancient Olympia. And I am telling you, that for sure one time is never enough, you’ll want to go back there again and again, and for good reason.... read more

Tsipouradika: The little jems of Volos

@ Central Greece

A small city with an industrial past and a great harbor, home to Moutzouris, with one foot in Pagasitikos and with the other in mainland Greece, looks with one eye in the past and with the other in the future. In just a few words this is Volos. ... read more

Moments of Magic in Trikala

@ Central Greece

During the Christmas holidays many families find the perfect opportunity to spend time together and do festive activities. It is a time the most people have a few days off before they get back to their routine and all they want is to enjoy these... read more