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Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon

@ Athens

The next time you'll visit Athens and you have an extra day you can we advise you to rent a car and go visit Sounio.

Cape Sounio is the southernmost tip of Attica and its less than to hours out of Athens.  Sounio is almost among the... read more

New Chalkis Bridge: the landmark signature of Chalkida

@ Athens

Chalkida (or Chalkis) is a destination that Athenians choose for a one day escape from the noisy city. It is a favored destination not only because it is nearby to Athens but it is also a place with natural beauty and a cosmopolitan ambiance. The... read more

The legend of Zonar’s Cafe

@ Athens

Greek cafés, like coffee shops all over Europe, have always been a social institution. They were connected with the life of the New Greek and were the center of social and cultural life in Athens. Their clientele included many celebrities of the... read more

Arachova "The Snow Queen"

@ Central Greece

Being in Greece this time of the year, with the weather getting colder and the mountains getting covered with snow is truly magical. Not so many people think of Greece when imagining their Christmas vacation but if you are already in beautiful and... read more