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I'm a travel junkie whose wonderlust has taken me to 36+ countries yet Greece is by far my favorite. Follow me for the inside scoop!


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Mizithra – you gotta try it!

@ Crete

Crete is for lovers....history lovers, culture lovers, beach lovers, but most importantly food lovers. Greece in general has a banquet of culinary treasure to discover, but Crete holds a special place in my stomach; for there I first experienced the... read more

Mykonos Slice of Heaven

@ Mykonos

I know that most everyone visits Mykonos for its cosmopolitan beaches, but I urge you to dedicate one day and visit, what I believe is, a slice of heaven – Agios Sostis beach and Kiki’s Taverna. Agios Sostis, 20 minutes from Mykonos... read more

Caprice of Mykonos is BACK!!

@ Mykonos

The Caprice of Mykonos is back and the drinks are as yummy as ever!!! This is a Mykonos classic - views, sunsets, music, cocktails, and now food too - you've got to check it... read more

Butterflies are Free

@ Rhodes

If you happen to be in Rhodes during the summer months I strongly encourage you to visit the Valley of Butterflies (Petaloùdes, Πεταλούδες),  a natural park located 23km from the capital Rhodes.  Every summer, tiger moths, known as Panaxia... read more