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Corinth: Ancient and Modern at the same time

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Corinth is one of the few cities in Greece that has such a rich history and it all comes down to its position. It located between the mainland Greece and the Peloponnese and also between two Gulfs, the Saronic and the Corinthian. This position inevitably leads this city to be and remain powerful through the years. In a few words the history of Corinth is full of wealth but also enemies.

But besides the history it has, Corinth is till today a very popular destination to visit. It actually the perfect place for all the adventure lovers out there. If you are someone who wants to try something new and different, if you feel like testing your limits then think no more and just book a ticket to Corinth.

Tip: Don't miss the chance to go Bungee jumping on the canal!

If you are afraid of height you better go grab a coffee and stroll around the city. But I you are not imagine this! You are standing on the edge, looking down but you can't really tell where it all ends. You heart is beating fast, you are ready to make the move, you are ready to let go off the rope that makes you feel safe and you are about t jump! Would you do it?

The Corinth is one of those cities that can very easily surprise and amaze anyone and the canal is one of the reasons for this to be true!

But don't you worry if you feel like you need to drop your heartbeats and relax rather than upping them and feeling the adrenaline running high in your body; Corinth is still a destination you can choose for that.

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