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Trip to Rhodes: Five essential things to pack in your luggage.

Trip to Rhodes: Five essential things to pack in your luggage. Article

Number 1:  A camera! This is a must, if not an understatement, as you’ll want to capture all your memories and experiences of the unique places you’ll see. And here’s a taste of what’s in store for you:

  • Medieval City of Rhodes (or Old Town) is oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and located within a wall 4 km long.  It is divided according to the Western classical style, with the high town (it was built by the Knights Hospitallers) to the north and the lower town south-west. 
  • Ancient city of  Ialysos  was one of the three largest on the island and extended around Filerimos hill. The most important monuments of the area are: Acropolis, Temple of Athina Poliada , and the Monastery of Saint George (built in 15th century B.C).
  • Ancient Kamiros, is a must-visit if you are a history and archeology buff as this ancient site is in excellent condition.  The ruins of the city were uncovered in 1859. Its grand public buildings, the Agora, Temples and the Acropolis at the hilltop are only a sample of what you’ll witness.
  • Lindos, a picturesque village with a spectacular Acropolis is a popular tourist destination and you’ll see why when you’re there.

The list goes on…so I’ll leave you to discover the rest on your own.


Number 2:  A swimsuit and beach towel, an obvious necessity when visiting any part of Greece and Rhodes is no exception as there are so many wonderful beaches to discover and enjoy.  Here’s a small sample to get you started:

  • The 3 km long stretch of sand beach of Afandou beach, organized and gorgeous.  
  • Faliraki beach, cosmopolite, wild, famous, fully organized and a must-visit while exploring the eastern coast of the Island!
  • Kolymbia beach, a small cove, on the eastern coast of the Rhodes, is perfect if you’re looking for a well-organized spot, with a modern atmosphere.  
  • Anthony Quinn beach in Ladiko, is definitely one of the most romantic spots of the Rhodes Island and became famous after the Anthony Quinn’s movie “The Guns of Navarone” was filmed here. The huge rocks make this place an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

And again, the list goes on….

Number 3:  Sunglasses, hats and caps and plenty of sunscreen, are absolutely necessary while you’re off discovering the countless attractions the island of Rhodes has to offer.  Such as:  The Medieval Town, Ancient Kamiros,  Lindos , the Valley of Butterflies, the 7 Springs , the Kallithea Springs, the beaches and the huge Water Parkin Faliraki – just to name a few.

Number 4:  Sturdy and comfortable walking shoes, especially if you plan to climb the 350 steps of the Monastery Panagias Tsampikas that offers spectacular views, or if you spend endless hours exploring Rhode’s Medieval City or if you visit the Lindos Acropolis, or any other ancient site like Ialyssos, Filerimos or Ancient Kamiros.  And once again, the list goes on and an on…

And finally, Number 5 and most important – a good mood, patience and a ‘’thirst’’ for learning, because in addition to all of the above there are tons of Museums, palaces and sites to see in this incredibly fascinating island called Rhodes!